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This course offers a great insight in to the world of digital marketing. There’s a huge amount of content available through online and live classes, meaning there’s ample opportunity to engage with professionals in the field. There’s also plenty of engagement with other students on the programme, particularly through the group project. I’d highly recommend it to anyone thinking of working in the field, or to those who simply want to understand it more.

Diane R.
Digital Marketing Pathway

This is my biggest opportunity within Technology in Ireland, if I had not been doing the Future in Tech Cloud Practitioner Pathway I might not have gotten this job. The Future in Tech course Tutor helps us see our potential, everyone who was recruited with me for this job was in the field either by studying or by having worked in the industry, this is a great opportunity for me, I still have lots to learn. My Mentor in Future in Tech is very knowledgeable and a great support to me.

Talita L.
Cloud Practitioner – Entry Level Pathway

Having had a career in the  transport industry, the decision to move to technology was a challenging one.

The Software Development Pathway is hard work but the tutors and mentors provide support at each stage.I enjoy the tutorials and the connection with fellow students. Having the option to re-watch recorded lectures is very useful.The course has given me more confidence to persue a position in tech. ’I plan to use the Career Service also to help move me forward when the time comes. 

Mike H.

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