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About This Course

Course details

What does the course cover?

  1. Lesson 1 – Roles and Responsibilities
  2. Lesson 2 – Relationship Management
  3. Lesson 3 – Effective Communication Skills and Competencies
  4. Lesson 4 – Problem Solving
  5. Lesson 5 – Effective Rapport and Conflict Management Skills
  6. Lesson 6 – Effective Process Management
  7. Lesson 7 – IT Service Management
  8. Lesson 9 – Quality Management for the Service Desk
  9. Lesson 10 – Service Desk Technologies
  10. Lesson 11 – Tools and Technologies

Duration: 14 Weeks
Certification: SDA Certification

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the delegate will be able to:

  • Explain the four fundamental concepts that describe the required skills, competencies and knowledge for the service desk analyst
  • Summarise the role and responsibilities of the service desk
  • Demonstrate the attributes, skills and knowledge required to fulfil the role effectively
  • Recognise when to use those attributes, skills and knowledge to deal effectively with a variety of situations
  • Explain how to identify customers’ needs and motivations better
  • Recognise the benefits of teamwork
  • Demonstrate the skills for handling difficult situations
  • Recognise the need for effective and well thought out processes and procedures
  • Describe the key IT service management processes in the areas where the service desk has clear responsibilities
  • Recognise the importance and benefits of having service level agreements, operational level agreements and underpinning contracts in place
  • Recognise the value and benefits of customer satisfaction surveys
  • Identify the need for, and value of, metrics in the service desk environment
  • Describe some of the available tools and technologies for service desk staff and customers to use
  • Summarise how to use social media tools in the service desk effectively
  • Be prepared to take the service desk and support analyst examination
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