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About This Course

This course will teach you fundamental software development concepts and basic programming skills. Through this online course, you will become proficient in some of the most widely used programming languages, including C# and web development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and ASP.NET. You will also gain an insight into database creation, program design and testing.

Duration: 16 weeks
Participants: 25
Certification: Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) in Software Development Fundamentals – 98-361

Learning Outcomes

Upon competing this course, students will understand:

  • Core programming
  • Object-oriented programming
  • General software development
  • Web applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Databases

Who Should Attend

This entry-level training is specifically designed for those with no prior IT experience. If you’re keen to pursue a career in technology, the MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) range of training is a great place to start. This particular course focusses on providing you with a foundational knowledge and understanding of software development.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Understanding core programming

  • Understand computer storage and data types
  • Understand computer decision structures
  • Identify the appropriate method for handling repetition
  • Understand error handling

Module 2: Understanding object-oriented programming

  • Understand the fundamentals of classes
  • Understand inheritance
  • Understand polymorphism
  • Understand encapsulation

Module 3: Understanding general software development

  • Understand application life cycle management
  • Interpret application specifications
  • Understand algorithms and data structures

Module 4: Understanding web applications

  • Understand web page development
  • Understand Microsoft ASP.NET web application development
  • Understand web hosting
  • Understand web services

Module 5: Understanding desktop applications

  • Understand Windows apps
  • Understand console-based applications
  • Understand Windows Services
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